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Manipur: It’s a Shameful Thing, Women Paraded Naked and Raped

In the Indian state of Manipur, Kangpokpi, a tragic incident captured in a viral video has sparked widespread outrage across the country. The 26-second footage shows a group of men, some of whom appear to be as young as 15, viciously attacking two women from the Kuki-zo ethnic tribe.

The women were stripped naked and the perpetrators could be seen molesting and sexually assaulting them while forcibly taking them to an empty field. According to First Information Reports (FIRs) filed by the survivors, at least one woman, aged 21, was gang-raped. The police complaint states that the other woman was 42 years old. On May 4, this incident occurred in a remote state in India’s northeast, where the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is in charge.

The next day, violent ethnic riots broke out between the mostly Hindu Meitei and the mostly Christian Kuki-zo tribes. A case was registered at Nongpok Sekmai police station after a family member lodged a complaint.

A violent mob attacked and killed two men and then brutally stripped and gang-raped three women. The victim’s brother also lost his life trying to save her. All the three women were able to escape with the help of the local people. Now, authorities are investigating to ensure that those responsible are held accountable for their actions.



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