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Latest News on Delhi Floods: Water Level in Yamuna River Drops, but Waterlogging Continues in Some Parts of Delhi

The flood situation in Delhi still remains a challenge. Some areas of the city are still inundated as the water level in the Yamuna river has risen to a record level.

In today’s update on Delhi floods (July 16), it said that while the water level in Yamuna river is receding gradually and water receded in some areas of Delhi, it started raining again in the evening. This led to more waterlogging in some areas. Despite warnings from the Chief Minister and the Delhi Police, people are taking photographs and having fun on the waterlogged streets, especially near Rajghat and the Red Fort, which are closed to traffic and visitors.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has assigned some of his aides to oversee the rescue, relief and rehabilitation efforts in the six flood-affected districts of Delhi. People who were moved to relief camps because their homes were inundated are complaining about limited access to health care.

To address this, the health department of the Delhi government has set up medical facilities to monitor any cases of infection or snakebite.

Punjab and Haryana have been affected by heavy rains. There are more than 20 deaths in Haryana and Punjab. Relief efforts have now been intensified after the weather improved.

In total, 14 districts in Punjab and seven in Haryana have been significantly impacted by the floods, requiring concerted efforts to provide assistance and aid to the affected communities.

As Delhi and its neighboring states face the aftermath of these devastating floods, the focus must remain on ensuring the safety and well-being of the affected population. Authorities at all levels must continue to work together to mitigate the impact of the floods and expedite the recovery process, providing necessary support and resources to those in need.

Though the Delhi Police has reopened some roads after the water level in Yamuna river receded, traffic on major roads is still affected due to water-logging. Heavy rains, overflowing sewer water and rising river water have led to water-logging in many areas of the city.

The police have been working hard to keep the roads safe for everyone as the water level in the Yamuna river went above the danger mark of 207-208 meters in the past few days.



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