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Best LED Lighting Companies in India: A Comprehensive List of Top 6

India is playing a big role in fighting climate change. The country promised to make less pollution in meetings with the United Nations. Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked about this at Davos and asked India to work on it. They are trying hard to fight climate change. It’s a big goal and needs many small steps. One of these steps is using LED lights instead of regular ones. This might look tiny, but it really matters.

Frost & Sullivan say that India is now one of the biggest places for LED lights in the world. They think that by 2021 LED lights will be 57% of all the lights in India. This is a big deal. Many LED light companies in India have worked hard for this. In this article, we will learn about the ten best LED light companies in India.

What are LED Lights?

The word LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. It’s a type of lighting technology that uses semiconductor signals to create light. These lights are modern, energy-efficient, and long-lasting, which makes them a popular choice for everyone in Indian homes.

They come in various shapes like dome, flat, round, dome top, fan shape, SMD pipes, rectangular, and much more. Also, these all-LED lights are much safer than traditional lights and consume less electricity as compared to old yellow lights.

Different types of LED Lights 

There are several different types of LED lights available in the market, each designed for specific purposes and applications. Check out some common types of LED lights:

  • LED Bulbs: These are direct replacements for traditional incandescent or CFL bulbs and can be used in lamps, ceiling fixtures, and other common light fixtures. 
  • LED Tubes: LED tubes are available in a variety of sizes and brightness levels, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. They are also very easy to install, so you can do it yourself. If you are looking for a more energy-efficient and long-lasting light bulb for your commercial or industrial setting, then LED tubes are a great option.
  • LED Spotlights: Also known as LED spotlights or LED track lights, these lights emit a focused beam of light and are used for accent lighting, highlighting artwork, or general illumination in specific areas. 
  • LED Floodlights: These are powerful lights used to illuminate large outdoor areas like stadiums, parking lots, and building facades. 
  • LED Strips: Flexible strips with small LED lights along their length, commonly used for decorative lighting, under-cabinet lighting, and creating ambiance in various spaces. 
  • LED Panels: Flat and thin LED lights are used in ceilings to provide even and widespread illumination in offices, schools, and other commercial spaces. 
  • LED Downlights: Recessed lights installed in ceilings, often used for general lighting in rooms and hallways. 
  • LED Grow Lights: Specifically designed to promote plant growth, used for indoor gardening and hydroponics. 
  • LED Streetlights: Energy-efficient lights used for outdoor street lighting, reducing energy consumption and improving visibility. 
  • LED Track Lights: Adjustable lights mounted on a track system, often used in art galleries or retail spaces to direct light precisely. 
  • LED Chandeliers: Decorative LED lights are designed to be the focal point in dining rooms or entryways. 
  • LED Emergency Lights: Battery-operated LED lights that automatically turn on during power outages. 

These are just a few examples, and the LED lighting market continues to expand with advancements in technology and design. LED lights offer a wide range of benefits, including energy efficiency, longer lifespan, and environmental friendliness compared to traditional lighting options.

List of the Top 5 LED Lighting Companies in India

1. Philips Electronics Private Ltd.

You’ve been familiar with the Philips brand since you were a kid. Even though it is a Dutch brand, it considers India as its most important market for LED lights. Among consumers, Philips is one of the most trusted and reliable brands for LED lights.

They offer cutting-edge technology and a wide range of LED lighting solutions for Indian customers. Philips has LED lights for everyone, no matter their lifestyle or needs. It is also a global leader in LED lighting, and it brings all its experience and expertise to its products in India.

2. Havells

Havells offers a wide range of energy-saving lights that are easy to use. You can choose from our modern products to make your home bright. Havells unique lights are special and they want to make lighting affordable in India. You can check out their different types of lights for regular use and LED lights. 

They have more than 500 Havells stores all over the country. They help people choose from many products for homes and businesses. Havells is the first company to provide home service through ‘Havells Connect’. Because their products are good and service is fast, very few customers have problems and most customers are happy.

3. Bajaj Electrical Ltd.

Bajaj Electrical Limited is a well-known company worldwide. They make a lot of money, around ₹6,744 crores. They are part of a bigger group called “Bajaj Group”. Bajaj Electrical does different things. They make things for regular people (like machines, fans, and lights), they send stuff to other countries, and they also work on big projects (like lights, tall towers, and power stuff). 

They have 20 smaller offices in different places in India. They get help from other stores and shops that sell their things, and they also have their special stores called ‘Bajaj World’. They have about 500 places where they help customers.

They also make fancy home stuff and cooking things with brands like Morphy Richards and Nirlep.

4.Syska Led

SYSKA shows that you don’t need to be very old to sell things successfully. The company is only around twenty years old, but it has become a big player in selling LED lights in a short time. You might recognize it from funny commercials with Indian actor Irfan Khan, but even without those ads, it’s one of the top LED light companies in India. 

They’re good at making new and useful products at reasonable prices, which has made many people pay attention to them in a positive way.

5. Crompton

Crompton is a very famous LED lighting companies in India that belongs to CG Power and Industrial Solutions Ltd. This company is one of India’s best at making electronic stuff. People like their things, and they are known in many places, not just in India.

Some important things about Crompton are they make really good things that work well and save energy. They use new technology to design their stuff. This makes their things comfy to use, high-quality, and work well. They also focus on being very organized and doing a great job as a company.

6. Murphy

One of the famous LED lighting companies in India is Murphy. It started in 1972 and has since built a really impressive business history. They aim to offer the finest panel lights in India along with many other types of lights.

A Special Thing About Murphy: The company has made a new and advanced place to make all kinds of lights. They have smart people who know a lot and skilled engineers leading this. They always try really hard to be very good in everything like making sure things work right, being trusted, and making things of high quality.


All the companies listed here make really good lightning products. If you want to buy LED lights from the India best led lighting companies that are both good and not too expensive, you can choose any of these brands. We suggest you take a look at this list and choose the one you like. To know more about us you can contact us. 



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