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10 must reads for a child’s reading adventure

Do you find it difficult pushing your child to read? Is your child one of those who is busy watching video games and reluctant to read at all? Well, give all your worries to the   online method of buying books and sharing books for your child. The platform comes with a motto of continuous learning, with plethora of children’s story books being uploaded and listed on the website recommended by experts, awarded and acclaimed by reader’s choice category. Let’s find out what kinds of children’s story books are available that can help your child for developing a fulfilling childhood.

10 must reads to pick from the online store

  • Katie and the starry night

    This is a paperback edition is an illustration along with sub-titles, is a starter pack for children beginning their reading journey. Inspired by van Gogh’s starry night, this book describes vividly about ways Katie tries to catch stars and enables children to board on an adventurous reading spree.

  • Max Meow 2 Donuts and danger

    One of the best sellers and recommended by previous readers, this a paper back addition, retails for Rs 1300. This books creates great adventure for children. Main characters max and Mindy who are super heroes, who have got evil look a likes. The story unfolds when both the main characters are getting blamed for the wrong-doings. Buy this and let your children unfold the rest.

  • Investigators: ANTS in their pants

    A real time best seller, investigative and mystery solving book which will introduce your children episodes of Roboabash and Mango, solving cases. However, one of the agent is in coma, the story will fascinate your children the answers to all he vases in the absence of Robobash.

  • Little Women

One of the classics as far as the children’s story book is concerned. With main characters like Jo, Meg, Amy and Beth are sisters who as women of the World war period venture out to create an identity, ways they find place in this world. Reading this children book will help children to understand various transition from childhood to adulthood.

    • Sherlock Holmes series:

      Some online book shopping and/ or stores have master pieces like the series from Sherlock Homes. This children’s story books are mystery series which help children to develop problem solving abilities. Thus, investing on classics and masterpieces is good to enhance the Sherlock which all child has within him or herself.

    • The famous five:

      This children’s book comes from the series of Enid Blyton which will make your children be striving for the best adventure series and each series will have something different to offer making their lives filled with fun and intrigues.

    • Five on the Treasure Island:

      This is book is the “first book”, which introduces all the readers with the main characters of the characters of the book and how their life unfolds as and when they embark on different incidents.

  • One proud penny:

    This children’s book has illustrations which will enlighten your children for history of pennies and unfold the twists and turns of American history. Since, this books has various illustrations, it will keep the children updated about the American history.

  • Grace Hopper:

    Children today should have knowledge about computers, decoding and information technology. Reading this book, your children would gather knowledge various topics related to computer, like computer bugs, computer speaking English and several other topics unfolded.

  • How to be an elephant?

    Sahara is a not an easy place for survival for all. By purchasing this book, your children will learn about 7000 pounds giants, ways the new born babies of elephants, adapt with lifecycle and adapt themselves in the new environment. Also your children be learn about the survival in Savana with their counterpart animals.

How can this help your child’s reading instincts?

  • Help developing vocabulary.
  • Widen imagination.
  • Dream bigger and learn effective communication
  • Develops a continuous love for reading
  • Helps in becoming more knowledgeable

Pricing and Buying mechanism

While shopping books from several online platforms you need to “add to cart”, before you finally purchase books and even children’s story books. The pricing and buying mechanism of online books shopping is either buying the book offline or online.

Refund and return policy;

  • Some refund tips that you should remember while buying children’s story book from online stores:
  • Inspect the book or the part of the children’s story book which is found defected.
  • Allow the store 14 business days, to look into your grievance and give you a fresh new piece.
  • Note that your copy is not defected or damaged from your end as you might as well not get your refund order placed. So be careful with that


Reading children’s story books from online shopping books platform helps your child a fulfilling childhood, as they help your child to develop vocabulary, get a better perspective and help them to embark on their reading adventure. Online platforms helps them you get a wide  variety of options, to choose and recommendations are levied from experts and acclaimed from international prizes, which will only give your child nurturing options for reading.



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