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Sachet Packing Machines: Process and Benefits

We use shampoos, hair gels, small packet pickles, and many other such products on a day-to-day basis. But, have you wondered how these tiny packets are filled?

Sachet-packed products have become a go-to option for production houses and businesses. Unlike traditional packaging, sachet packing machines are a cost-effective option. But how does a sachet filling machine work? How are these small sachet packing machines able to produce such a variety of products? In this post, we will answer all the questions and we will also look into the advantages of these revolutionary machines.

What is a Sachet Filling Machine?

The sachet machine is a multipurpose device that is used to package products in plastic pouches. It can pack a whole lot of various products, from food items to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The packing machines come in all sizes according to the products they pack. The sachet-filling machine uses different types of methods to pack products. This includes heat sealing, ultrasonic healing, and adhesive sealing. Other packaging machines are devised in a way to remove air from the pouch which keeps the product fresh.

There are various kinds of packaging machines but the two primary ones are the premade pouch packaging machines and form-fill seal machines. All these machines have their own specific purpose, their advantages and disadvantages.
Packaging process of small sachet packing machine

Let’s dive in and understand how these sachet-filling machines work:

  • Sachet Loading

This is the first step in the packaging process, it is also, sometimes, known as the bag-loading process. The bags that will be used for packaging are first loaded into the machine. They are loaded into a hopper which is located at the top of the machine. The hoppers fill the bags before getting sealed. After that, the sealed bags are cut open to be filled with the product. It is then ready to be closed.

  • Printing of Date

Date printing is an important part of the whole packaging process. It gives the customer information on the manufactured date and helps them grasp crucial information about the validity of the product. Another reason is they are excellent marketing tools. The dates are usually printed on the back of the packaged product. However, in some cases, the dates are printed in the front portion depending on the product and the printer used. Additionally, the date also needs to be coded, which is carried out by a code printing device.

  • Packaging and Sealing

Next comes the packaging and sealing process. In this step, the product is packaged. The product is placed into the hopper, the product is then transferred into a filling machine and fills the package with the product before it gets sealed. The sealed packaging is cut open and is ready to be shipped. You can also check the most common types of sealing machines across industries here. Basically, the ultrasonic sealing method is used to seal the pouch.

  • Deflation and Cleaning

Deflation is all about taking out the air from packaged products helps in keeping the food items fresh and avoids degradation of quality. It also keeps food items in particular from being exposed to the air. After the packaging is complete, the sealed products are taken out. The next step involves cleaning the machine. By cleaning the sachet, the machine remains clean and ensures that it maintains its packaging efficiency. Most machines require the cleaning of the sealing mechanism and the hooper. The area around it prevents unnecessary jamming.

  • Cooling

Finally, once the packaged products have been extracted out, cooling is done to keep the products healthy. It is done by two processes, water and cold. In cold air, the packaged products are blown over by cool air. While the other method entails sprinkling water on these products to bring down the temperature.

Benefits of Sachet Packaging

Businesses of all kinds including food production, cosmetics, and cleaning agents are fast turning towards sachets as an advanced automated packaging option. All it news for a sachet filling machine is a single foil of laminate material, the actual product, and a bit of time. Within no time, it will produce packaged products without the need for manual intervention. Just like that, there are several benefits associated with this kind of packaging.

  • Affordable

With a sachet machine, you will have your product filed, packed, cleaned, and cut down into specific sizes. Very little material is needed to complete this process. Besides it reduces subsequent labour costs and produces mass output rapidly. Besides, the sachets are also kinder to the environment providing feasible solutions.

  • Customizable

Highly customizable, it can be molded into different sizes to meet specific requirements. It also has a variety of seals and can be easily branded.

  • Transportation and Storage

The real advantage of using a small sachet filling machine is its ease of transportation and storing capability. Because they are small, the costs of storage and transportation are reduced. Apart from that, sachet packaging doesn’t require the use of extra outer packaging, which is a boon for both businesses and customers.

Key Takeaways

Before drawing a final say, we will recapitulate the main points discussed in this post. We learned about what sachet filling machines are, how they operate, and the process of an actual packaging of a product. Besides, we learned the several advantages of using small sachet packing machines, their utility in the real world, and how they reduce transportation and storage costs. Aside from this, sachets have a whole new world to them. In a business context, it is a win-win move for major manufacturers.



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