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Beyond Paper: The Advantages of Plastic Card Manufacturing for Your Business

In the aftermath of the pandemic, the commercial sphere has become more competitive than ever, owing to the dire need for cost-cutting to add more efficiency to the whole business process. Be it a small business or one with a long-standing reputation in the marketplace, it is always best to incorporate plastic cards in the operations to garner the attention of the potential customer base. So, the secret sauce of capturing the target consumers is nothing but to bounce back the profit by following some strategies. And here, plastic card manufacturing comes in handy to add value to the whole operation and help you stay a step ahead.

In this era of automation, are business cards still relevant? Do they have any real value to add in the commercial arena? Business cards are irreplaceable, and if you’re eyeing to beat the competition, it’s always best to rely on exuding a personalized feel that nothing else can substitute. So, there’s nothing wrong with business card printing, and it generates a considerable profit. This article will explore the advantages you, as a business owner, might reap from plastic card manufacturing.

Reasons for ousting paper cards from business

Why would I invest in business cards when a digital message or email can serve the same purpose? Suppose you, too, have this question in your mind. In that case, it’s high time to bid goodbye to the extra expenditure associated with paper cards. Need to know why it is an initial step one must take? Here are some good reasons to push you in the right direction.

  • In most cases, paper-based business cards are destined to remain in the bins; customers often throw them away.
  • Paper cards are perishable and are not immune to wear and tear or exposure to water.
  • Plus, paper waste is increasing at an alarming rate to keep pace with the demands of the business.

Sustainability aspects of plastic cards in business

Most of us still believe that paper cards are in harmony with nature, but the reality is more complex. Paper-based cards have a detrimental impact on nature as a whole. Want to know how? Here are some pointers in the below section to consolidate your understanding of why you should replace paper-based cards with plastic alternatives.

Prevents the depletion of natural resources

Unlike its paper-based counterparts, plastic card manufacturing doesn’t entail in its operation merciless deforestation activities. Also, globally, around 100bn of paper cards are printed. It directly or indirectly damages nature, and numerous trees are cut down in this process. This is not the end of the story, as during this process of plastic card manufacturing, we’ll likely witness a massive amount of carbon emission in conjunction with abundant water consumption.

Do you know that merely one ton of paper production demands 17,000 gallons of water? So, paper is never a sustainable choice for your business; instead, incorporating refined plastic in business operations delivers around 36% or less CO2 emission.

Ease of use factor

Once you trust plastic cards, you can rest assured that your potential clients or customers will not complain against you as they can use them for several purposes. Just picture it from the viewpoint of the customers even if plastic cards are not going to directly offer them the value, at least for the innovative designs or the quirky logos, they are going to keep in their wallets or bag without the fear of wear and tear or exposure to water.

So, the ease of use factor of your consumer won’t let you invest abundantly in business card printing as, unlike paper, plastic cards never perish so quickly.

Powerful networking tool

Plastic cards are more efficient than plastic cards could ever do. Once you attach the QR codes to these cards, it’s a secure option as there are no chances of wear and tear. Plus, the hassle of ordering new paper cards every time is no longer there. For better networking, you have the liberty to add some stylish accessories with plastic cards. Hence, plastic card manufacturing has a plethora of benefits for a business that are often unfathomable.

But Isn’t Plastic Bad for the Environment?

Alright, we are not going to fight you on this one. Plastic is bad. On the other hand, plastic is nearly impossible to damage (precisely why it’s causing such damage to our Earth). A well-designed card, which you will get from a reputed plastic card manufacturing company, is something people will want to treasure. Instead of ending up in the landfill, it can adorn a work desk.

Bottom Line

Ready to skyrocket your sales in just a simple step? You would have to do nothing, rely on the plastic cards to reap the benefits out of it. To take advantage of the best business card printing solutions, visit K12 Print. You will have much to choose from their many designs and printing styles.



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